German Airfield Rom

A few days after the occupation of Denmark, the local Danish authorities were informed by the Germans that an airfield was to be established on an approx. 600 ha. area to the south of Rom church.

Work started that year and by 1941, the grass airstrips, the concrete taxiways, the dispersal bays, the ammunition and fuel depots and the anti-aircraft defences had taken form. The 43 concrete bunkers were built in 1943 and 1944.

The airfield came to serve as a reserve airfield to the somewhat larger airfield in Grove, which was established in 1942 and which is now known as Karup Airport. Taxiways, machinegun bunkers, bunkers for the personel etc. can still be seen in the vicinity.

The hospital bunker lies a few hundred meters to the west of the present airfield. It was built in 1943-1944 and was the largest with in all 21 rooms on two levels. It was intended to be used in the event of hostilities in the area so never came into service. Lights have been installed and informative posters describing the airfield area during and after the second world war have been hung up.

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