Loria House

11776 – Stuyvesant Heights.
#150 Styuvesant Drive

The Loria house. "French Conncetion" point of interest. Home of Anthony Loria Sr. Anthony Loria Sr. (1921-1989) was a major participant in a French Connection heroin scandal. He was cited as a major heroin dealer during the late 1960s and 1970s. Born in East Harlem, later moving to the Bronx, where he gained his reputation and respect from major orgainzed crime figures in the New York area – known as a "stand-up" fellow, a common mafia term for being loyal and reliable and a man of his word. He was the defendant in a 1961 legal case, New York v. Loria, that is still cited today by many lawyers based on the 4th Admendment for "search and seizure" procedure. Loria moved his family to North Babylon, New York in the early 1970’s. He was arrested and sentenced to jail for his "point" position for organized crime as the head of Long Island’s heroin traffic, directly linked to the famous French Connection bombshell. His partner, Vincent Papa was also arrested in the same DEA case and was sent to jail, where he was murdered in Atlanta Federal Prison. He then moved to "Stuyvesant Heights" on Long Island, NY. Anthony "Tony" Loria Sr. died in 1989, at SUNY of Stony Brook hospital while living in Stuyvesant Heights after years of failing health leaving his wife Mildred and 7 children.

Loria was the father of famous entertainer Art Loria and grandfather of entertainer, athlete and movie actor Daniel Loria.

The Loria’s moved out of this house in 1990.

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