Many retired F-104G Starfighters at Agrinion Air Base

The Hellenic Air Force received a large number of Starfighters from the US under MAP early 60s. Early 70s, late 70s and in the 80s MAP aircraft were obtained from the Spanish, German and Dutch Air Forces via the US.
From March 1993 the remaining F-104s were replaced by A7 Corsair aircraft obtained from the US (former US Navy aircraft). In total the Hellenic Air Force has retrieved 51 F-104G and 7 TF-104G aircraft from the US via the MAP program of which a few have been flying a few years with the Spanish Air Force. Late seventies and eighties the Air Force received 55 F-104G and RF-104G aircraft from the German Air Force together with 23 two-seat TF-104Gs to increase the trainingcapacity. They also got 9 additional former Dutch Air Force F-104Gs.

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