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Napoleonic Wars – Italian Campaign (map overlays)

Napoleonic Wars – Italian Campaign (map overlays)

During July and August 1796, Austria sent a fresh army under Wurmser into Italy. Wurmser attacked toward Mantua along the east side of Lake Garda, sending Peter Quasdanovich down the west side in an effort to envelop Napoleon. Napoleon was forced to abandon his siege of Mantua to meet the threat, and attacked the two armies in detail, defeating Quasdanovich at Lonato on August 3 and Wurmser at Castiglione on August 5. Wurmser retreated to the Tyrol, and Napoleon resumed the siege.

In September, Napoleon marched north against Trento in the Tyrol, but Wurmser had already marched toward Mantua by a route further east, leaving a holding force behind. Napoleon defeated the holding force at Caliano, but had to return south to defeat Wurmser at Bassano. Wurmser, cut off from his base, had to retreat into Mantua.

The Austrians sent yet another army of Hungarians under Alvintzy against Napoleon in November, but they were defeated in the Battle of Arcola east of Verona.

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