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Tallest flagpole in Denmark

Tallest flagpole in Denmark

The tallest flagpole in Denmark is 47,75 meters tall and the flag (dannebrog) is 140m2. The knob is a golden krown and is 0.5 meters tall. It was designed by Brondbys former Mayor Kjeld Rasmussen.
The pole is standing on a base of 12 meters long iron bars and is going 4 meters bown into the ground.

To hoist and low the flag the pole contains an electric motor device.

It’s standing close to the highway to and from Copenhagen City and at Brondby Sports Facility.

It was constructed in Wisconsin to the 50th. birthday of Queen Margrethe II in 1990 but it wasn’t errected to that day because of bad weather in the USA. The first one was 6,5 meters lower but after another, taller, pole was errected this pole had to be increased in high. That was in the year 2000.

It was a gift from Brondby Kommunity, Danish Sports Federation (DIF) and Danish Olympic Commity (DOK) as a thank for her protectoration of the organisations DIF and DOK.

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