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French Guiana Map (Explore its Secrets)

French Guiana Map (Explore its Secrets)

French Guiana, a territory tucked away on the northeastern coast of South America, holds a unique spot on the world map. It’s part of France, even though it’s far away from Europe.

People know French Guiana for its dense rainforests, diverse wildlife, and intriguing blend of cultures.

However, beyond its natural and cultural riches, the map of French Guiana reveals a captivating array of geographical features, historical significance, and contemporary issues.

As we set out to explore French Guiana together, get ready to discover its secrets, learn about its past, and soak up its unique atmosphere.

With every step we take, we’ll uncover more of what makes this place so special.

So, let’s dive in and see what adventures await us in French Guiana!

Location of French Guiana

Location of French Guiana
Location of French Guiana (Source: Google Maps)

French Guiana is situated in a unique spot on the world map, located on the northeastern coast of South America.

Bordered by Brazil to the south and east and Suriname to the west, it is surrounded by lush rainforests and meandering rivers. Its location near the equator gives it a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year-round.

One interesting aspect of French Guiana’s location is its overseas department status as part of France.

Despite being thousands of miles away from mainland Europe, it is an integral part of the French Republic. This affiliation has significant implications for its governance, economy, and culture.

The proximity to the equator also plays a role in its suitability for space exploration.

The Guiana Space Centre, Europe’s primary spaceport, benefits from French Guiana’s location, as rockets launched from here can take advantage of the Earth’s rotation to reach orbit more efficiently.

Overall, French Guiana’s location at the crossroads of South America and its ties to France make it a unique and fascinating destination, offering a blend of tropical beauty, cultural diversity, and scientific innovation.

Map of Kourou
Map of Kourou (Source: Google Maps)

Historical Significance

French Guiana holds a significant place in history. In the past, it was used as a place to send people as punishment.

You might have heard about the famous “Devil’s Island,” which was part of this period. But there’s more to the story.

Before that time, native people lived here, and later, European settlers arrived. When you study the map, you can see places that remind us of these historical events.

It’s like peering into the past and understanding how French Guiana has evolved over time.

Cultural Diversity

As you explore French Guiana, you’ll discover a place where many different cultures come together. People from all over the world live here, bringing their own languages, foods, and traditions.

You’ll meet Creole communities, Amerindian tribes, and others, each with their own unique ways of life. Celebrations like the Carnival of Cayenne and the Maroni Festival are a chance for everyone to join in and have fun together.

You’ll see where these different communities live and the special places they’ve built. It’s like a colorful mosaic of people and cultures, showing the beauty of diversity.

Map of Cayenne
Map of Cayenne (Source: Google Maps)

Exploring French Guiana’s Major Cities

As you travel through French Guiana, you’ll see several significant cities, each with its own character and importance.

One of the main cities is Cayenne, which serves as the capital and is located on the coast. Here, you’ll find bustling markets, historical sites, and a vibrant mix of cultures.

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is another important city, situated along the Maroni River. It has a rich history, particularly as a former penal colony, and today it’s known for its lively atmosphere and cultural events.

Kourou is famous for being home to the Guiana Space Centre, where rockets are launched into space. This city plays a vital role in the global space industry and attracts scientists and visitors from around the world.

Matoury is another significant city, known for its proximity to Cayenne and its growing population. These cities invite you to explore and uncover the diverse flavors and experiences that French Guiana has to offer.

The transportation Camp
Camp de la Transportation (Source: Google Earth)

Exploring French Guiana’s Landmarks

When you explore French Guiana, you’ll find special places that tell stories. One such spot is “Devil’s Island,” part of the Îles du Salut archipelago, serving as a stark reminder of the territory’s past as a tough prison.

Nearby, the Camp de la Transportation offers a glimpse into the lives of prisoners from long ago. On a different note, the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou invites you to witness rockets blasting into space, showcasing the territory’s role in scientific exploration.

If you’re a nature lover, the Tumuc-Humac mountains await with breathtaking views and thrilling adventures. And don’t miss out on the Maroni and Oyapock rivers, both stunning and vital for local communities.

These landmarks are yours to discover, each holding stories that reveal the unique heritage and natural beauty of French Guiana.

Tourist AttractionDescription
Devil’s IslandPart of the Îles du Salut archipelago, known for its dark history as a former penal colony.
Guiana Space CentreLocated in Kourou, where rockets are launched into space, offering tours and educational exhibits.
Tumuc-Humac MountainsMajestic mountain range providing stunning views and opportunities for hiking and adventure.
Maroni RiverScenic river offering boat tours, fishing, and a glimpse into local life along its shores.
Oyapock RiverAnother beautiful river with opportunities for river cruises and wildlife spotting.
Camp de la TransportationHistorical site showcasing the harsh conditions faced by prisoners during the colonial era.
Cayenne MarketBustling market in the capital city offering a wide array of local produce, crafts, and more.
Les Hattes BeachPristine beach known for its nesting sea turtles, offering eco-tourism opportunities.
La TrinitéCharming town with colonial architecture and cultural events, providing insight into local life.
Some of the tourist sites in French Guiana

This table provides an overview of some of the main tourist sites in French Guiana, ranging from historical sites and natural landmarks to cultural experiences and recreational activities.

French Guiana fully explained


Where is French Guiana located?

French Guiana is situated on the northeastern coast of South America. It shares borders with Brazil to the south and east and with Suriname to the west

Is French Guiana a country?

No, French Guiana is not a country. It is an overseas department and region of France, which means it is governed by the French government and is an integral part of the French Republic.

Can I visit the Guiana Space Centre?

Yes, the Guiana Space Centre offers guided tours for visitors. It’s advisable to check their website for tour availability and booking information.

Are there any festivals or cultural events in French Guiana?

Yes, French Guiana hosts several festivals and cultural events throughout the year, including the Carnival of Cayenne, which is one of the largest carnivals in the region. Other events include the Maroni Festival, celebrating the Maroon culture, and various indigenous festivals.


  • French Guiana is a captivating destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, rich history, and diverse cultures.
  • From its lush rainforests to its vibrant cities, this overseas department of France lures travelers to explore its many treasures.
  • The map of French Guiana tells stories of exploration, colonization, and resilience, reflecting the territory’s unique identity and significance.
  • Whether you like the wonders of space exploration at the Guiana Space Centre, are eager to uncover the secrets of historical landmarks like Devil’s Island, or simply seeking adventure in its pristine natural landscapes, French Guiana has something for everyone.

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