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Unveiling The $27M Luxury Waterfront Mansion In Miami Beach, Florida

Unveiling The $27M Luxury Waterfront Mansion In Miami Beach, Florida

Ever dreamt of owning a luxury waterfront home in the heart of Miami Beach, Florida? Well, your dreams could turn into reality with this stunning $27 million mansion.

With its breathtaking views and state-of-the-art amenities, it’s a property that redefines opulence.

This architectural masterpiece, showcased on Homes of the Rich, boasts a unique blend of modern design and classic elegance.

It’s more than just a house, it’s a lifestyle. You’ll be mesmerized by its grandeur, from the panoramic waterfront views to the exquisite interior details.

Get ready to step into a world of luxury. This isn’t just about a home, it’s about embracing a lavish lifestyle that only a few can dream of. So, let’s dive in and explore this magnificent Miami Beach mansion.

Property Summary

LocationMiami Beach, Florida
Lot Size1.01 Acres
Property TypeSingle Family Residence
Architectural StyleMediterranean
Year Built2005
Interior Living Space19,530 sq ft
Bathrooms15 (14 full, 1 half)
Outdoor Features2 Swimming pools, Swim-up bar, Putting green, Lighted Tennis/Basketball court, Boat dock
Additional StructuresGuest house with 2 guest apartments
A Luxurious Estate Designed For Unmatched Living
Step Inside Villa Sole: A $27M Waterfront Paradise in Miami Beach, Florida, Luxury Living at Its Finest!

Overview Of The $27 Million Waterfront Mansion

Imagine waking up with sunlight streaming through grand windows, revealing a vista of sparkling blue waters.

That’s the daily spectacle at this remarkable $27 million waterfront estate in sunny Miami Beach, Florida.

Take a stroll through the stunning halls, your feet brushing against the cool, polished marble, the high ceilings above echoing with sophistication and class.

Priced at a whopping $27 million, every corner of this mansion is a testament to luxury and refinement.

Glistening chandeliers hang overhead, illuminating intricately detailed interiors, and leading your gaze outwards to picturesque waterfront views that promise serenity and opulence.

At this property, you aren’t just buying a home, you’re laying claim to a lifestyle.

Revel in state-of-the-art amenities such as a world-class gym, a professionally equipped home theater, and a gourmet kitchen that any Michelin-star chef would envy.

Hosting parties or family gatherings? Your guests will surely be captivated by the expansive outdoor decking area, complete with a custom-built gazebo and an infinity pool offering an uninterrupted vista of the tranquil waters.

This luxury extends to the mansion’s six decadently adorned bathrooms and seven spacious bedrooms.

Picture yourself resting in these cozy retreats, each room offering unspoiled views of Miami Beach’s stunning waterfront and the greenery of your lush, private garden.

This magnificent estate promises you an undisturbed oasis of privacy and exclusivity.

So, if you’re eager for a glimpse into a lavish world, look no further.

This $27 million architectural masterpiece will invite, impress, and indulge you, all while offering a captivating blend of modern design and classic elegance.

There’s so much more to experience at this awe-inspiring Miami Beach residence.

Step Inside The Majestic Grand Entrance For Palatial Living

Villa Sole, translating to “House of the Sun” in Italian, aptly reflects the property’s essence.

4701 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, sitting on an oversized lot of 44,000 square feet with 100 feet of water frontage, this palatial estate offers breathtaking Indian Creek views with glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

Architectural Marvel, A Fusion of Grandeur and Comfort

Twin grand staircases greet you upon entry, leading into a stately great hall that wouldn’t look out of place in a European castle.

Intricate tilework, moldings, and the use of stones sourced from around the world add to the home’s grandeur.

Exterior Features Of The Mansion

The vast, outdoor space of the mansion is just as stunning and luxurious as the interiors. Picture yourself taking a casual stroll through the manicured garden.

An assortment of tropical plants and trees line the walkway, bringing a refreshing, natural touch to the modern mansion.

You’ll notice how the garden complements the house, creating a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Look around, and your eyes will meet the expansive decking area. Made with finely polished wood, it’s perfect for hosting large parties or intimate gatherings.

Spending your evenings here watching the sunset with a glass of your favorite drink? It’s like living a dream.

Its strategic placement affords clear, uninterrupted views of the waterfront, allowing you to soak in the tranquil surroundings.

As a bonus, if you’ve got a yacht or any form of seacraft, the mansion’s private dock is waiting just for you.

The waterfront mansion’s location is one of the highly sought-after features in Miami Beach, Florida. You have the luxury to dock your boat any time without a fuss!

You see, it’s not just about the interior features such as the gourmet kitchen or the home theater. The exterior alone could make you fall in love with this mansion.

The well-thought-out design, the blend of architecture with the natural surroundings, and the opulent outdoor features serve as a testament to the mansion’s grandeur.

Feel the luxury, and immerse yourself in the stunning beauty that this waterfront mansion has to offer. Just remember, this could be your lifestyle if you decide to make this mansion your home.

Architectural Marvel
The property offers a blend of architectural marvels and modern comfort.

Interior Design And Luxurious Amenities

Moving from the alluring exterior into the heart of this mansion, you’re instantly embraced by the luxurious interior design.

Emanating refined elegance, the mansion’s décor marries contemporary minimalism with classic luxury. The living areas are laid out with fine art, elegant furnishings, and premium finishes.

The versatility of the mansion allows for a seamless transition between formal events and casual get-togethers.

Can you just imagine spending your days lounging in these rooms overlooking the waterfront and the lush garden?

If you’re serious about your physical health, the mansion also offers top-notch facilities that’ll help maintain your fitness levels.

An ultra-modern gym will keep you in shape while a sauna room is the perfect way to unwind after a strenuous workout.

There’s also an indoor pool that incorporates innovative design elements to ensure it’s more than a place to swim.

Passing through the luxurious formal dining area with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy magnificent views while savoring the meals.

The mansion’s interior, meticulously designed and decorated, contributes to the overall magnificence of this Miami Beach property.

This takes the concept of luxury living and elevates it to a whole new level.

And to think that this is just the beginning of the rich, extravagant experience that is to be witnessed here at the luxurious $27 million waterfront mansion in Miami Beach, Florida.

Breathtaking Waterfront Views

Imagine waking up every morning to the soothing rhythm of the Atlantic Ocean. At this sprawling $27 million mansion, that dream becomes your reality.

The mansion’s design prioritizes unobstructed waterfront views, making it a truly spectacular real estate gem in Miami Beach.

The mansion’s seven bedrooms offer more than just comfort. Picture yourself waking up every day to the mesmerizing sight of the endless sea meeting the sky.

Every room has large windows, exploiting the mansion’s privileged location to the fullest. This architectural design ensures you get the finest sea views, no matter where you are in the house.

You’ll find the perfect balance between land and sea, merging into a breathtaking palette of colors that change with the time of day.

With accommodation for a large vessel, this feature enables you to enjoy luxury at sea whenever your heart desires. Plus, there’s no better backdrop than a sunset cruise to wrap up a perfect day in paradise.

Each moment, you’re privy to nature’s changing moods as the sea responds to the rhythms of the day.

A Backyard Paradise, Where Luxury Meets Leisure

Two sparkling swimming pools, complete with a swim-up bar, beckon you to take a refreshing dip.

For the sporty enthusiast, there’s a lighted tennis/basketball court, and a putting green allows you to practice your short game.

And if you love spending time on the water, there’s even a boat dock for easy access to the ocean.

Guest Quarters And Staff Amenities

The property also includes a guest house featuring two guest apartments, each with its own kitchen, ensuring your guests have a comfortable and private stay.

There’s also a 4-car garage and additional staff quarters, making Villa Sole a self-contained paradise.

Embracing The Lavish Lifestyle

Imagine strolling in the sprawling lawns that almost melt into the ocean. You’re experiencing an intimacy with nature that is seldom found in urban spaces.

The waterfront mansion, situated in affluent Miami Beach, allows for this luxury.

When crafting the perfect bedroom design, consider incorporating the following features for a harmonious and luxurious ambiance:

  • Large Windows: Embrace natural light by incorporating large windows that not only illuminate the space but also provide a connection to the outdoors.
  • Ocean View: Elevate the bedroom experience with an awe-inspiring ocean view, transforming your resting space into a serene retreat.
  • Open Concept: Foster a sense of spaciousness and flow by opting for an open-concept design, blurring the lines between the bedroom and adjoining areas.
  • Private Balcony: Extend your sanctuary by including a private balcony, offering a secluded outdoor space to unwind and enjoy the fresh air.
  • En-Suite: Enhance convenience and privacy with an en-suite bathroom, creating a seamless transition from relaxation to daily routines.
  • Walk-in Closet: Elevate organization and aesthetics with a walk-in closet, providing ample space for your wardrobe and accessories.
  • Skylight: Infuse your bedroom with a touch of celestial charm by incorporating a skylight, allowing natural light to pour in while maintaining privacy.

Integrating these design features ensures a bedroom retreat that combines comfort, style, and a connection to the surrounding environment.

Each bedroom has unique elements that exude luxury and interact brilliantly with the mansion’s exterior beauty.

From large windows that invite in the Miami sunshine to an open concept that extends the magnificence of the mansion to each room. It’s all about the detail and ability to extend effortless luxury.

How Much Does The Miami Beach Waterfront Mansion Cost?

The waterfront mansion in Miami Beach is priced at $27 million.

How Many Bedrooms Does The Mansion Have?

The mansion boasts seven uniquely designed bedrooms, each offering a panoramic view of the ocean.

Does Each Bedroom Have An Ocean View?

Yes, each bedroom in this mansion has large windows and private balconies offering captivating ocean views.

strret view from google earth
The entrance of the house from Pine Tree Drive.

What Outdoor Spaces Are Available At The Mansion?

The mansion features spacious lush lawns that meet the ocean, a private dock, and an indoor pool, all designed to offer a luxurious outdoor living experience.

What Are Some Of The Stunning Design Details Of This Mansion?

Design details of this mansion include skylights, large windows, and private balconies. These features aim to maximize exposure to the stunning ocean views.

How Is This Mansion Redefining Luxury Living?

The mansion starkly redefines luxury living by seamlessly integrating captivating ocean views into daily living spaces, thus fostering a strong connection to nature.


  • Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury living with this $27 million waterfront mansion in Miami Beach, Florida.
  • Experience daily spectacles of sparkling blue waters and breathtaking ocean views from every corner of this architectural marvel.
  • Indulge in state-of-the-art amenities, including a gym, home theater, and gourmet kitchen, designed to elevate your lifestyle to new heights.
  • Entertain guests in style with expansive outdoor decking, infinity pools, and a custom-built gazebo, all set against the backdrop of serene waterfront vistas.
  • Retreat to one of the mansion’s seven exquisitely designed bedrooms, each offering panoramic ocean views and luxurious comforts.
  • Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty with lush lawns, a private dock, and an indoor pool, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.
  • This mansion isn’t just a home; it’s a testament to opulence, sophistication, and the art of living well in one of Miami Beach’s most coveted locations.

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