319 Acre Estate That’s Worth Every Penny

Imagine a fancy, luxurious, and enormous mansion constructed in the peaceful neighborhood of Battle Creek, Michigan, located on Pine Lake Road. This mansion isn’t just big but it’s built on a massive chunk of estate expended on 319 acres of property.

Owning this property is like owning a private kingdom with beauty and luxury. The kingdom offers you a main house, some extra houses, a bunker, and many more cool things that make it super distinctive.

Continue reading to get detailed information.

Main House


Right in the heart of the property, there’s the main house, which is nothing less than a mansion. It’s massive, luxurious, beautiful, and contains everything that a dream residence should contain. There are 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms inside, which means there’s ample space for your family and friends.

As you enter the house you’ll be welcomed by a grand entrance and a desired staircase that makes you feel like you are entering a castle

The fancy living and dining rooms look very elegant and are great for throwing fancy parties. The kitchen is amazing for people who love cooking, with really good appliances and nice details.

There’s a bright breakfast room and a comfy family room that finish off the main living areas, making everything both practical and stylish.

satellite view of the property
Entire 319-acre estate

For people who like a good balance between work and fun, there’s a very own private office where you can get work done. The home theater is like a mini movie theater for a cool movie experience.

There’s also a gym and a sauna to keep you healthy and relaxed. But one of the coolest things in the main house is an indoor swim spa with a hot tub. It’s like a fancy pool and a hot tub inside the house, making it a super luxurious place to chill and unwind.

Address 22072 Pine Lake Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49014
Size 319 acres
Rooms 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms
Neighborhood Battle Creek
Price $5,750,000
House details

Underground Bunker

This property has a lot but wait it has more to offer, there’s a secret underground bunker on the property, and it’s exciting. It’s a safe and well-equipped space with two kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

This special feature shows that the estate is serious about making sure that people are both comfortable as well as equipped for an uncertain situation.

Outdoor Space

The appeal of this property goes beyond the house itself. The outdoor spaces are very carefully planned and invite people to enjoy the natural beauty around them.

Some decks and patios are perfect for outdoor parties, letting residents relax in the peaceful surroundings.

Private Lakes

The most special outdoor feature is the main 9-acre stocked lake, a beautiful large body of water that adds a peaceful touch to the estate.

On top of that, there are four smaller lakes around, creating a nice mix of water and greenery that makes the whole place look nice.

satellite view of the property
Estate location (Google Earth images need to be updated)

Extra residence

Along with the main house, there are three more houses within the boundary of the property, each house has its own luxury vibe.

Every one of them is built in a way to give an elevated degree of solace and extravagance to the occupants.

Special and Dedicated Buildings

The estate has a really useful building that’s 7,200 square feet big. This building can be used as a storage area, workshop, or even an extra living place. The existence of this building makes the property even more practical as you can customize it according to what you need.

There’s also a dedicated building for people who enjoy gardening in which you can grow plants, flowers, or herbs.

319 Acre Estate

Some Nearby Famous Places

This house isn’t only massive but is also very near to some of the very famous places of Michigan like:

Blinder Park Zoo

The Blinder Park Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Michigan which is located near Battle Creek. It’s very well known among people for its exotic animals and plants, especially the Wild Africa Exhibit. You can have a very diverse and interesting experience in the zoo because of all the distinct things you’ll see there.

The Zoo also has some fun stuff to do, besides animals. There’s a small train-like thing called a “tram” that you can ride to take a quick view of the whole Zoo, a spinning ride called a carousel, and other fun rides.

So, if you are enjoying your day at Blinder Park Zoo and want to visit this property here’s how you can reach there.

Distance between the estate and Blinder Park Zoo
Distance between the estate and Blinder Park Zoo

Directions to the House:

  • Take Binder Pk Zoo and Division Dr to 8 Mile Rd/Beadle Lake Rd.
  • Head south toward Binder Pk Zoo.
  • Turn right.
  • Turn left toward Binder Pk Zoo.
  • Turn right toward Binder Pk Zoo.
  • Turn right onto Binder Pk Zoo.
  • Continue onto Division Dr.
  • Continue on 8 Mile Rd/Beadle Lake Rd. Take S Raymond Rd and Bellevue Rd to 10 Mile Rd/Pine Lake Rd in Pennfield Charter Township.
  • Turn left onto 8 Mile Rd/Beadle Lake Rd.
  • Turn right onto G Dr N/Golden Ave.
  • Keep left.
  • Continue onto S Raymond Rd.
  • Turn right onto E Emmett St.
  • Turn left onto Bellevue Rd/Cooper Ave.
  • Turn left onto 10 Mile Rd/Pine Lake Rd.

FireKeepers Casino

FireKeepers Casino which is located near Battle Creek, Michigan, is a large gaming destination managed by the Nottawaseppi Huron Band since 2012. This massive casino expends 107,000 square feet and offers almost 2,900 slot machines and 76 table games.

The casino also has five restaurants, a buffet, a sports bar, and a cabaret for entertainment. It’s known for its high-tech freeway sign seen by over 47,000 daily travelers, the casino was expanded in 2012 with a hotel, lobby, event center, and a smoke-free gaming area.

Additionally, FireKeepers Casino sponsors the annual NASCAR race, the FireKeepers Casino 400, at Michigan International Speedway.

Distance between the estate and FireKeepers Casino
Distance between the estate and FireKeepers Casino

Directions to the House:

  • Head west toward M-96 W.
  • Turn right onto M-96 W.
  • Turn right onto M-311 N/Wheatfield Rd.
  • Turn left onto Bellevue Rd.
  • Turn right onto 10 Mile Rd/Pine Lake Rd.


What Are the Most Amazing Features of 319 Acre Estate?

The main selling point of this estate is its huge size. 319 acres is nothing to joke about.

The land is present at an excellent location while being surrounded by nature and beautiful sceneries adding to the overall beauty of the mansion it beholds.

What Are the Main Features of the Mansion on 319 Acre Estate?

There’s more to this mansion than what meets the eye. This residence excels at its usefulness.

It boasts an indoor lap pool, a steam room, dry saunas, gym area all while having a separate office so you can work in peace without anyone disturbing you.

What People Does 319 Acre Estate Appeal To Most?

If you are someone who values the comfort and coziness of your home but doesn’t want to compromise on size or scenery then this mansion is definitely for you.

This chateau promises a mix blend of sheer scale and well-built architecture that any sharp-eyed person would recognize.


  • The house is built on a massive chunk of property in the calming neighborhood of Battle Creek, Michigan. The address of the Property is 22072 Pine Lake Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49014.
  • Inside the main house, there are 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. A fancy staircase at the house’s entrance makes you feel like entering a castle.
  • The main house offers you a very amazing kitchen with advanced appliances, a private office, a personal gym, a movie room, an indoor pool with a hot tub, and some extra rooms for parties. The property also has an underground bunker with a kitchen and bedrooms.
  • In the outdoor of the house, there’s a whole personal lake which is almost 9 acres. This lake adds a peaceful touch to the surroundings.
  • There are three more extra houses within the boundary of the property. All of them offer you a luxurious and comfortable way of living.
  • Some very famous places like Binder Park Zoo and FireKeepers Casino are just a stone’s throw away.

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