The Stunning Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey: A Must-See Destination for Architecture Enthusiasts

Imagine a magical home in the fancy town of Alpine, New Jersey – that’s the Stone Mansion. Designed by a super creative architect named James Paragano and built by Rock Ridge Construction Management LLC, this house is like a work of art.

It’s not just big; it’s huge, with around 30,000 square feet of space spread over four floors. Inside, there are 12 bedrooms and more bathrooms than you can count on your fingers.

It’s got a fancy entrance and even a place to play tennis! As we explore this fantastic house, get ready to see a place where luxury and beauty come together – welcome to the Stone Mansion!

Let’s take a closer look at the story of this extraordinary property.

Property Overview

As I fly over this magnificent estate, I am filled with excitement to explore all it has to offer. The gated entrance and motor court lead to a grand front exterior with a stunning porte-cochere.

Inside, the foyer welcomes you with its grandeur, and the living room and dining room exude elegance. The kitchen, pantry, breakfast room, and family room are perfect for entertaining. This estate is truly a dream come true.

Here’s a data table summarizing the key information about the Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey:

Property DetailsDescription
Location1 Frick Drive, Alpine, New Jersey
Square Footage30,000
Bedrooms & Bathrooms12 Bedrooms & 19 Bathrooms
Price$27,500,000 (Sold on 01/18/2022)
ArchitectJames Paragano
BuilderRock Ridge Construction Management LLC
Listed since2010
Original Listing Price$68 million
Features2-story foyer, Elevator, Ballroom, Indoor Basketball Court, Home Theater, Gym, 11-car Garage, Pool, Spa, Tennis Court, Library, Home Office, Gourmet Kitchen
Property Overview

A Special Place

Aerial shot of the property.
Aerial shot of the property

The Stone Mansion is no ordinary house. Nestled on a spacious 6-acre estate in the prestigious “Estates At Alpine,” it has become a symbol of luxury living in the town.

Long Journey to a New Home

This incredible mansion first appeared on the market back in 2010 with a big price tag of $68 million! Over the years, it went on and off the market, patiently waiting for the right person to call it home.

Finally, on January 18, 2022, it found its match and was sold for $27.5 million.

Architectural Beauty

Designed by the talented James Paragano and constructed by Rock Ridge Construction Management LLC, the Stone Mansion stands as a true architectural masterpiece.

Boasting 12 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms across its four floors, it’s a residence like no other.

Inside the Enchantment

Upon entering, you’re greeted by a grand 2-story entrance, several staircases, and even an elevator. The mansion offers elegant spaces, including a ballroom with a wet bar, a library, a home office, and a kitchen designed for a culinary enthusiast.

The 11-car garage provides ample space for a car collection, and additional features like an indoor basketball court, a gym, and a home theater add to the enchantment.

Outdoor Delights

The magic extends beyond the interior. Outside, a grand gate, a stylish entrance, and a pool with a spa await.

Picture having a pool house with a kitchen right by your side, and for tennis enthusiasts, there’s even a tennis court to enjoy under the open sky.

The Stone Mansion.
The Stone Mansion

Property Highlights

Let’s delve into the elaborate details of the features mentioned for the Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey:

  1. Square Footage (Approximately 30,000 sq. ft.):
    • The mansion boasts an expansive living space of approximately 30,000 square feet, providing ample room for various luxurious amenities.
  2. Floors (4):
    • Spread across four floors, the mansion utilizes its vertical space to incorporate different functions and living areas.
  3. Bedrooms (12):
    • With a total of 12 bedrooms, the mansion offers private and comfortable spaces for residents and guests.
  4. Bathrooms (15 full, 4 half):
    • The mansion features a lavish number of bathrooms, including 15 full baths for ultimate comfort and 4 half baths for convenience.
  5. Foyer (2-story with sweeping staircase):
    • The grand 2-story foyer creates a dramatic entrance, adorned with a sweeping staircase that adds a touch of elegance to the home.
  6. Additional Staircases (2):
    • In addition to the main staircase, two extra staircases provide accessibility and connectivity between different levels of the mansion.
  7. Elevator:
    • The inclusion of an elevator enhances accessibility, allowing for easy movement between floors, especially in a multi-story mansion.
  8. Living & Dining Rooms (Formal):
    • Formal living and dining rooms exude sophistication, providing spaces for elegant gatherings and entertaining.
  9. Library:
    • The presence of a library offers a quiet and refined space for reading, study, or relaxation.
  10. Home Office (Double height):
    • The double-height home office adds a sense of grandeur and provides an inspiring workspace.
  11. Ballroom (Yes, with wet bar):
    • The ballroom, equipped with a wet bar, serves as a luxurious venue for hosting large gatherings and events.
  12. Lounge (Circular bar):
    • The lounge features a circular bar, creating a stylish and intimate setting for socializing.
  13. Kitchen (Gourmet with double islands):
    • The gourmet kitchen is designed for culinary enthusiasts, featuring high-end appliances and double islands for ample workspace.
  14. Pantry (Butler’s pantry & walk-in pantry):
    • The butler’s pantry and walk-in pantry provide additional storage space and facilitate seamless meal preparation.
  15. Breakfast Room:
    • The dedicated breakfast room offers a cozy space for casual meals and morning gatherings.
  16. Family Room:
    • A family room provides a comfortable and informal space for relaxation and quality time.
  17. Recreation Room (Lower level with wet bar):
    • The lower-level recreation room, complete with a wet bar, offers a versatile space for entertainment and leisure.
  18. Catering Kitchen:
    • The inclusion of a catering kitchen facilitates large-scale events and catering services.
  19. Gym:
    • A gym within the mansion provides a private space for fitness and exercise.
  20. Home Theater:
    • The home theater offers a cinematic experience within the comfort of the mansion.
  21. Wine Cellar:
    • A dedicated wine cellar provides a controlled environment for wine storage and tasting.
  22. Indoor Basketball Court:
    • The indoor basketball court adds a recreational and fitness element to the mansion.
  23. Garage (11-car):
    • The 11-car garage is a spacious and secure area for storing an extensive car collection.

These elaborate features collectively contribute to the luxurious and opulent lifestyle offered by the Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey.

Location of the property.
Location of the property

Alpine, New Jersey

Alpine, New Jersey, is an affluent community in Bergen County, known for its opulent estates and proximity to New York City. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the town offers a serene retreat with stunning views of the Hudson River and Palisades cliffs.

Recognized as one of the wealthiest zip codes in the U.S., Alpine combines luxurious living with a tranquil ambiance, making it a sought-after enclave for those who appreciate upscale lifestyles in a picturesque setting.

Let’s have a tour of this Stone Mansion


What is the size of the property and living space?

Situated on 6 acres in the “Estates At Alpine,” the estate boasts approximately 30,000 square feet of living space across four floors.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the mansion have?

The mansion features 12 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, including 15 full bathrooms and 4 half bathrooms.

Who designed and built the mansion?

The mansion was designed by architect James Paragano and built by Rock Ridge Construction Management LLC.

What are some key features of the mansion?

Notable features include a 2-story foyer, elevator, formal living and dining rooms, library, home office, ballroom, gym, indoor basketball court, wine cellar, and an 11-car garage.

What are the outdoor amenities of the property?

Outdoor amenities include a gated entrance, porte-cochere, motor court with a fountain, terraces, swimming pool with spa, pool house with bathroom and kitchen, and a tennis court.

The Tale’s End

  • The Stone Mansion’s journey, from a dreamy $68 million listing to its new home at $27.5 million, resembles a fairy tale.
  • More than just a residence, it’s an invitation for its new owner to revel in the finer aspects of life—a place where luxury meets the tranquility of nature, turning every moment into a celebration.
  • From the visionary design by James Paragano to the meticulous craftsmanship of Rock Ridge Construction Management LLC, every inch of this home speaks of opulence.
  • With its grand interiors featuring a double-height home office, a captivating ballroom, and a gourmet kitchen, the Stone Mansion offers a lifestyle of unrivaled sophistication.
  • Beyond its doors, the outdoor oasis, complete with a swimming pool, terraces, and a tennis court, extends an invitation to savor moments of tranquility and leisure.
  • This residence stands as a testament to architectural excellence, providing a haven where every day is touched by the elegance and comfort found within its walls.
  • The Stone Mansion, with its enchanting blend of luxury and functionality, embodies the true essence of refined living.

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