How Do I Change The Year On Google Earth On My IPAD? (Find out)

A collage of two images from Google Earth of different time periods
Google Earth can come used for many things, so don’t stop learning about its features

Google Earth is a software that is providing a 3D representation of Earth which is based mostly on satellite imagery. You can easily explore the world by merely entering the addresses and coordinates, or better yet just by using the keyboard and a mouse.

Google Earth is available on all devices and works the same way. If you want to change the year on your IPAD, you’ll have to go through the same process as you would on any other device. First, you have to click view and then click on “Historical Imagery”, where you’ll see the clock icon, which you’ll find above the 3D view option. After that, you have to select the time period and leave the rest to Google Earth.

Google Earth is a huge program, it obtains its data from several sources to be accurate including satellite imagery, aerial photography, and many other types of data. However, Satellite imagery has always been the prime source of its data.

In addition, Google Earth can come in handy if you know what it really is and how it works, so to learn that I suggest you keep on reading.

How Do I Go Back In Time On Google Earth On IPad?

Google Earth has come out with many versions, and now it’s available on all kinds of devices including an IPAD. Furthermore, it works the same way on all those devices, there isn’t anything different about it using it on an IPAD.

What people fail to understand is that they merely have to know what Google Earth can do, whether you learn that on a desktop or on an IPAD.

However, if you’re new to this app and are learning about its features on an IPAD, here’s how you go back in time. First, you have to search for a location on the search bar, which you will find in the left panel, then Google Earth will take you to the searched location, where you will find a clock icon, all you have to do is click it.

Check out this video to learn step-by-step how to change the years on Google Earth:

Going back in time on Google Earth is far too easy, it only takes seconds to see how the world look 40 years ago

How Do I Update Google Earth To The Latest Version?

Google Earth was released in 2001, and since then it has been updated several times. However, if you want to update it to the latest version, all you have to do is go to the area that you would like to see updated on the browser version.

After that, you have to use the feedback feature, select the icon with three horizontal lines, and then click on Feedback. On the desktop, go to Help, and send feedback.

In addition, sending feedback doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the image would be updated immediately, but it also doesn’t mean that your feedback will do to waste.

Google Earth, uses different sources of data, while some may provide imagery with great resolution, others may be of low quality.

Here’s the list of sources that Google Earth has been using:

Sources Of DataFeatures
Satellite ImageryThose detailed images of the earth’s surface that you see are Satellite Imagery.
Aerial PhotographyAerial Photography also provides detailed views of the earth’s surface, it may include images obtained from airplanes as well as other aircraft like drones and other flying vehicles.
Topographic DataTopographic data is referred to the information that is about the elevation of the earth’s surface like roads, streams, railroads, towns, etc.
Land Use DataLand Use, also called Land Cover data is referring to the information which is a result of converting the raw satellite data into “land use and land cover” (lulc) categories, that are based on the return value of the satellite image.
This kind of data includes areas like agriculture, forestry, or urban development.
Geological DataGeological data on Google Earth includes data like the locations of mountains, valleys, and several other features.
Other dataIn addition to all kinds of data listed above, Google Earth also consists of data on transportation networks and weather patterns as well as other features.
List of different kinds of data

Can I get Google Earth Pro On My iPad?

A half part of the Earth with lights
Google Earth pro is now free, so go crazy and learn about what it can do

Google Earth has been launched on almost every device, whether it’s an iPad or Android. While Google Earth was launched for Android on 22 February 2010, it was launched for iOS on 27 October 2008. These mobile versions of Google are much more interesting as you can make use of multi-touch interfaces to zoom or rotate or move the globe.

Google Earth Pro is one of the many versions of Google Earth, it can be downloaded on your iPad via the app store.

In addition, initially Google Earth was a business-oriented upgrade, that included features like movie maker, advanced printing, precise measurements, and data importer. Until the beginning of the year 2015, it was available for $399 per year, however, Google decided it was time to make it free.

Google didn’t only launch the Pro version of Google Earth, it also came out with many other versions which included:

Google Earth Plus

Google Earth Plus was unfortunately discontinued in December 2008, it was a paid subscription upgrade that included features like GPS integration, which allowed you to read the tracks as well as waypoints from a GPS device.

However, there aren’t many major differences between Google Earth Plus and the free Google Earth, so why would you pay for something that you are getting for free?

Google Earth Enterprise

Google Earth Enterprise is a version that was primarily designed to be used by organizations whose businesses could use the amenities of this program’s capabilities, for instance having a globe that consists of all the company data which is available for people of that company.

In addition, Google Earth Enterprise also allowed developers to make maps or 3D globes for their own private use.

Google Earth Studio

Google Earth Studio is a web-based version of the free Google Earth, it’s used for animations by the means of Google Earth’s 3D imagery.

However, as of June 2021, Google has made it preview-only and you would have to sign up to use it.

Google Earth 9

Google Earth 9 was launched on April 18, 2017, it has been in development for two years, however, I wouldn’t say it was worth it as I don’t see any major upgrades as compared to Google Earth.

It’s quite similar to the free Google Earth version, they both have the “Voyager” feature, which allows users to view a portal page consisting of guided tours that are led by scientists and documentarians.

Furthermore, they both also include a button called I’m Feeling Lucky”, which will take you to a random location with a “Knowledge Card” that will contain a short excerpt about the location from Wikipedia.

Google Earth VR

Well, last but certainly not least, is Google Earth VR. Google launched Google Earth VR on November 16, 2016, it’s a virtual reality version of Google Earth primarily created for computer gaming platforms.

It’ll allow you to explore the globe by using VR controllers and as of September 2017, Google Earth VR included Street View support in its 1.4 updates.


Can You Travel Back In Time On Google Earth?

Google Earth is one of the most enhanced platforms, that not only allows users to explore the globe, but it can also help you travel back in time.

You can travel more than forty years on Google Earth, you merely have to enter the location and find the close icon.

Can You Change the Year On Google Earth On iPad?

Google Earth is a creation in 2001, however, since then it has evolved and is available for almost every device. Google Earth works the same way on your iPad as it does on Android or Desktop.

Yes, you can change the year on Google Earth on your iPad, in order to do that, you have to click view, and click “Historical Imagery“, where you find a clock icon. All you have to do then is just select the time period, you want to travel to.


  • Google Earth is a huge platform that gets its data from many sources, it has been around for quite some time, and has stored all the data that it collected throughout the years.
  • Google Earth is now available for iOS and works the same way as it does on Android or Desktop.
  • You can easily change the year on Google Earth on iPad by just clicking “Historical Imagery” and then clicking the clock icon.
  • Google has created several versions of Google Earth for different reasons, for instance, Google Earth Enterprise was developed for businesses, and Google Earth VR was created to give the gamer a far more realistic experience. Nevertheless, no version has ever exceeded the qualities of Google Earth.

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